LandscapeToolbox - Johan Eickmeyer

Currently not available. The book is being updated and will be available again in the future.

        Landscape photography is an exciting and rewarding journey of exploration and personal improvement. Whether you are taking small trips to local parks or flying halfway across the globe, the skills you acquire will improve your photos no matter where they are taken. This book will give you a solid foundation to go from a novice to a mastered expert. If you have the interest and enthusiasm to practice and apply yourself, there are no limits to the types of photos you will be capable of capturing.

       The teachings of this book rely on two main computer programs, Adobe Photoshop and PT Gui Pro. Adobe Photoshop will be used for the vast majority of processing and creating panoramas. PT Gui is more specialized for creating complex panoramas that Photoshop sometimes can’t handle. If you must choose to have just one program, it should be Adobe Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud). As you progress through the chapters, you will begin to realize just how much landscape photography relies on the tools within Photoshop to take your work to a whole new level of capability and quality. If you purchased this book, it is likely you wish to improve beyond taking simple photos with your camera set to full-auto mode. You have a desire to capture your own masterpieces of nature’s beautiful artistry. The great thing about Adobe’s software is that you can try any program as a free 30 day trial with no other cost or obligation. PT Gui Pro is specialized software used for creating panoramic images. If you wish to purchase PT Gui Pro, it is more costly upfront than Adobe Photoshop, but does not require a monthly fee to use from then on. If you wish to try PT Gui for free, there is a trial version available for download. As an additional note for Adobe Photoshop CC, make sure to sign up for the Photography plan which is around $10 (USD) per month. You do not need the more expensive full access to all of Adobe's apps.

Click HERE to visit the Adobe website for Photoshop CC.

Click HERE to visit the PT Gui website for PT Gui Pro.

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